The Real Imposter is the Voice in Your Head

Notice that you are complete.

If you were once complete as you were, is it possible you still are?

We noticed when still in our mother’s womb—before breath, cognition, and language.

Somehow, we processed what flowed past our developing senses, including light, sound, and touch.

Our first experiences of noticing were likely just receiving what was offered through our connection with the natural flow of the universe’s current—what I call life’s flow.

I believe those experiences represented awareness, perhaps in the purest sense. They suggest a completeness in our form of origin.

And if we were fully present and available for noticing our environment and its happenings as they were occurring at the time, can we credibly believe that doing so is beyond us now?

We can rediscover our ability to notice what flows in our direction and choose to suspend the need to do or say something or be someone else.

I make the case in my forthcoming book >> Noticing << that doing so, with some consistency, is a viable path to better coping with perpetually accelerating change than the way most of us have been doing things. What do you think?


~Will Keiper –  The Noticing Guide (subscription is free at

Will Keiper
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